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Qt Creator 2.8.1 syntax highlighting and code completion slow on WinXP (32bit)

  • When using QtCreator 2.8.1 on Windows XP I ran into the problem that it is too slow to be usable.
    The syntax highlighting takes about 5s to update and the code completion suggestions take 10-30s to pop up when requested.

    Are there any known workarounds to this?
    I read about some bugs in these parts but they seemed to be fixed in earlier versions.

    I have also tried Qt Creator 2.7.2 with the same result.

    Also note that Qt Creator 2.4 does not suffer from this problem on the same hardware with the same project. This means the latencies are less than one second.

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    So how much memory is used by Qt Creator? It needs a lot... so is your machine swapping?

  • I am not sure how to determine that the machine is not swapping.

    The task manager shows that the RAM usage increases by about 100MB and the processor load peaks to 100% (on all 4 cores). When I close the pop up the RAM usage drops back down the 100MB.

    I just noticed that the HDD LED is flashing throughout the whole process but especially at the start. I am not sure if this is related to swapping (there seems to be enough free memory).

    I can confirm now that the swap is increasing by 100MB however there are still about 2GB free RAM left so I don't see why this is happening.

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