<SOLVED>NCURSES not working properly from within IDE?

  • The following code compiles and runs within the QTC IDE but does not clear screen.
    @#include <iostream>
    #include "term.h"
    #include "unistd.h"
    #include "ncurses.h"

    using namespace std;

    void Clear_Screen(bool RESET= true);

    int main()
    cout << "Hello World!" << endl;
    cout << "Hello Again!" << endl;
    return 0;

    void Clear_Screen(bool RESET)
    if (!cur_term)
    int result;
    if (result <=0) return;
    if (RESET == true)
    putp(tigetstr( "rs1"));

    As above After succesful compile the run from inside QTC gives
    Hello World!
    Hello Again!
    When run straight from XTerm result is
    Hello Again!

    debug shows "result" with value -1.
    Is it the way that QTC opens the application that is causing this error??
    After some research i believe the TTY being applied by running it from inside QTC and directly from xterm are diff???
    Just guessing?????

  • setupterm() the way you have used it requires the presence of a TERM environment variable which in all likelihood is absent.

    You will also need to set "Run in Terminal" in your project settings in order to get a Curses compatible terminal (the Output Pane in Qt Creator is not).

  • Thanks for your response.

    Already have "Run in Terminal" selected.

    bq. setupterm() the way you have used it requires the presence of a TERM environment variable which in all likelihood is absent.

    so what is the difference between running inside the IDE (absent) vs opening it directly from XTerm (present)??

  • The environment you have told Qt Creator to pass to your program does not contain a TERM environment variable, so one is not present.

    Xterm establishes an environment for its child processes that contains the TERM variable.

  • Where am I telling QTC to pass this environment and can I change it so that running the application works correctly from inside the IDE??

    I am assuming that QTC calls on like a shell program that opens the current project with one or two parameters like the one that
    " Press <return> to close this window" comes from.

    If the program can not be run properly from within the IDE I can not see how this would be a bug?

  • The environment settings are in the same place as the "Run in terminal" option. It is fully configurable with several presets that you can work from.

  • So are you saying that there is an environment setting or parameter that I need to set for this small application to work correctly from within the ide? I would love to know what it is!

  • Solved
    It would appear that you have to insert TERM into your RUN ENVIRONMENT by clicking on ADD. Then give it the value of XTERM.

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