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[Resolved] Qt5 application needs QtCore4.dll

  • Hi there!
    I switched a project from Qt4.8 to Qt5.1.1. After some tweaking it runs without problems (when starting inside QtCreator).

    I wanted to deploy the binary for testing and so I collected the needed .dll-Files.
    The first interesting thing was that the needed .dl--files changed a lot from Qt4 to Qt5. There are some additional files and some changes to Qt5 (icudt51.dll, icuin51.dll, icuuc51.dll, libstdc++-6.dll, libwinpthread-1.dll, Qt5Core.dll, Qt5Gui.dll, Qt5Sql.dll, Qt5Widgets.dll).

    But after having added all those files the program wants to have QtCore4.dll as well. So why that?! I have cleaned my builddir and rebuild all again. The same issue. Yes there is Qt4 also installed on the machine but I checked all links in the build-kits and everything points to Qt5.1.1.
    All this runs on top of a Win7 box.

    Thanks for your help.

  • Hi,
    Have you checked that you don't link against libraries that link against Qt4?

  • Args.... Resolved... My program starts a second program which is not ported to Qt5 yet.

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