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QTreeView + QAbstractItemModel + QSortFilterProxyModel: inserting row crashes into Segmentation fault

  • Trying to combine "QTreeView + QAbstractItemModel + QSortFilterProxyModel".

    When it is just "QTreeView + QAbstractItemModel" - everything works fine.
    When I add QSortFilterProxyModel between view and source model - it starts to fail.
    I mean there comes segmentation fault, and this is not stable - sometimes I get segmentation fault, sometimes row is inserted and everything is fine.

    Debugging shows, that the error appears long after insertRow execution is finished.
    Here is a screenshot showing execution stack and crash point:

    "! Segmentation fault)!":

    And here is my minimal example project "":

    There is some excessiveness, like:

    • TreeView is not enclosed into MainWindow directly, but into QDialogue (enclosed into MainWindow);
    • initial data in tree are monstrously hardcoded (see ExObject constructor);
    • order field calculation is left.

    To see the error:

    • open and build the project;
    • run the project - you will see a text edit field and a tree;
    • select some branch in a tree: for example x20;
    • put cursor into test edit above, type in "x25" and press enter;
    • it is supposed that branch x25 would be inserted after x20 (after selected).
      If you have a branch inserted - repeat actions 2 or 3 times - the segmentation fault appears soon.
      If it works fine on x20 - open x20 and insert a new branch after x201 (included in x20).

    My current environment description
    Qt Creator 2.8.1
    Based on Qt 5.1.1 (MSVC 2010, 32bit)
    Built at13:35:01, Aug 26 2013
    Revision c3ed746c24
    Qt 5.1.1 (don't know how to check revision)
    MinGW 4.8
    The same error was on Qt Creator 2.7.1 + Qt 5.1.0 + MinGW 4.8

    Is this my code fault (I missed some important thing in documentation)? Or some library feature?
    Maybe someone can share some working example of "QTreeView + QAbstractItemModel + QSortFilterProxyModel" combination?

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