Error in qjsvalue.h

  • Hi All,

    I am cross compiling qt quick from 64 bit linux (ubuntu) to ARM. I am having trouble using <QtQml/QJSEngine> because when I try and compile I get the following errors in qjsvalue.h:

    /mnt/rasp-pi-rootfs/usr/local/qt5pi/include/QtQml/qjsvalue.h:140: error: expected ';' at end of member declaration

    /mnt/rasp-pi-rootfs/usr/local/qt5pi/include/QtQml/qjsvalue.h:140: error: 'Q_DECL_EQ_DELETE' does not name a type

    In the code there is a comment that says: // force compile error, prevent QJSValue(bool) to be called
    Can I get any further clarification on why this is happening and, if possible, how to resolve it? This same error does not occur when I compile the code for Ubuntu (qt 5.1.1)

    Thanks for the help,


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