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C++11 strongly typed enums in the signal/slot/ metaobject system?

  • Is there any documentation on using the new c++11 strongly typed enums (enum class ) as types in the Qt metaojbect system?

    It is pretty clear how enums work in normal c++, with the Q_ENUMS and all that, but now that enums are levelled up, what happens? I want to declare an enum like:

    enum class SystemState : quint8
    NULL_STATE = 0,
    OP_IDLE_STATE = 2,
    // .... etc

    And then use it in a class' signal:

    void stateChanged(SystemState newState);

    Is there some documentation I missed in my googling?

  • Bump - anyone?

  • Hi, Any type that may be used in the signal/slot mechanism should fit in a QVariant sized variable. To use other argument types the user should use the Q_DECLARE_METATYPE(type) to do so. I don't believe that the C++11 changes anything to that. So below the definition of your class add the
    and you should be able to use the class in signal/slot use.

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