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Running Qt app on a Java web server

  • It occurred to me that a lot of work has been done to make a Qt app translate well to the Android Java Virtual Machine. I would think that work is within spitting distance of thus allowing Qt to run on any Java Virtual Machine, including the cloud. Since the Java concept is to "build once, run everywhere," this would be within the spirit of the Qt model.

    Has anyone done any work on this? As cloud-based apps become more common, I'd think this is a natural direction for Qt to do, especially since a lot of the hard work to translate into Java for Android has already been done.

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    Qt on Android uses native C++ (Android NDK), code interfacing with Dalvik is - AFAIK - minimal.

    You can easily run some apps on the web - check out the QmlWeb project, and various others (Qt NaCl port, for example).

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