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Docking QToolBar only next to another ToolBar, not below or on top.

  • Hello,

    I think it is my first post ever here because I never had such problem when I had to write here and I always used to ask on IRC channel but I am not really sure how to solve it. I have Main Window with custom QMenuBar, QStatusBar and central widget. I have also created two QToolBars - one on the left and another one on the right. Those Toolbars contains custom widgets and I have created them in such way because i want user to be able to move then around the screen (Left | Right only) but I want user be able to dock them only next to another QToolBar. The problem is that currently those ToolBars can also dock on Top or below each other so it looks bad.

    I have tried to delete this problem but I can't find any proper solution - the only hint I found is that when QToolBar has setminimumHeight and window size is minimum as possible then another QToolBar cannot place below/on top but only next to it. I would like to achieve something similar but by using some proper methods.

    Thank You,

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