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[SOLVED] QtCreator

  • Hi

    I hope this is not that big of a silly question: do I need a desktop to run qtcreator? as a test, in the terminal, before I installed the Ubuntu desktop, I installed qt creator, and tried to run it, but I get an exception stating that there are no display connected.

    I'm still a noob, any help appreciated

    thank you


  • Qt Creator is a windowed application, so yeah: it needs a desktop.

    You can use vim, qmake and make if you only have a terminal.

  • thanks Skyrpex

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    Nitpick: It does need a running X11 server on linux, not a desktop environment. All the desktop requirements also need the X11 server to run, so once you have gnome, KDE, XFCE or whatever up and running that requirement is ok. But you can start creator on a running X11 server without it running a desktop environment (or even a window manager). Of course without a window manager you can not manage the resulting window (like move it around, change its size, etc.).

    A window manager can be either a stand-alone application you run like openbox, xmonad and others. Each desktop environment also comes with a window manager included, so again you are fine if you run a desktop environment.

  • thanks Tobias!

  • I see I was suffering from a lack of concepts. Thanks, Tobias.

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