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Detecting multiple touch screen geometry

  • Hello.
    I am implementing a TUIO touch Interface to be abble to use simultaneously 2 touchscreens in windows 7. "TUIO Touch interface...":http://qt-project.org/forums/viewthread/33495/
    I am at the last step and I need to be abble do detect the Geometry of the virtual desktop, only including a touch interface.
    Just like illustrated hereafter, I have 2 tuio hardware but my virtual desktop is made of 3 virtual screens.
    In this case TUIO give a normalized coordinate global to all TUIO hardware

    So I need to get the Rectangle definition of the 2 virtual screens rectangle. I want my implementation to be abble to detect which virtual screens are "touchable". So more generaly I would like to get the definitions of the rectangles of all touch screens in a configuration.

    In the Windows API I found something like : GetSystemMetrics(SM_DIGITIZER) or EnumDisplayMonitors() but I could get it working so far.

    How couls I acheive this in QT ??

    In the following illustration, the green screens are equiped with TUIO Touch hardware, the grey one is not. The top left corner is the (0,0)

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