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C++ Touch File Selector

  • Hello,
    I am looking to build my first touch friendly interface. I have found the examples under "touch", which appear a good starting point. I have looked around, with no success, for some sort of finger friendly file selection example; e.g. a touch friendly version of QFileDialog. If possible I'd like to avoid qml and stick to C++.

    Has anyone got any suggestions on how this can be done and/or an example?


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    since touch events are converted automatically to mouse events the minimum you would have to do is create some sort of list view where the cells are "touch friendly".
    Thats all.

    I was thinking of a list view where you get all folders and all files listed. Clicking on a folder opens it and displays the contents of it... and so on.

    You can use QFileSystemModel as a source of your view. Either way derive from it and choose which filepath you currently want to show, or use a QSortFilterProxyModel to just display the current folder.

  • Ok,
    thanks for the info
    I'll give it a try.

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