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Suggestion for documentation change

  • Hi,

    I made an account to be able to post a note to the QCoreApplication class documentation, but it seems I need to have shown some other activity before being able to do so, so I figured I'd post here.

    The documentation for QCoreApplication::arguments() says

    "As a result of this, the string given by arguments().at(0) might not be the program name on Windows, depending on how the application was started."

    I assume this refers to this remark from MSDN (http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms683156(VS.85).aspx):

    "Note The name of the executable in the command line that the operating system provides to a process is not necessarily identical to that in the command line that the calling process gives to the CreateProcess function. The operating system may prepend a fully qualified path to an executable name that is provided without a fully qualified path."

    The Qt documentation suggests that on Windows the program name might be left out completely, while actually it's just that the first argument might not be the exact string that was used to start the program. I suggest to change the docs to "As a result of this, the string given by arguments.at(0) might not be the exact program used to start the application on Windows."



  • Moderators

    you can't simply edit the documentation and never will have the rights to. The documentation is created out of the source files of Qt.

    Nevertheless you can "file a bugreport":https://bugreports.qt-project.org/browse/QTBUG/component/19132 for doc changes.

  • Yes I realize I can't change them, that why I wanted to post a note to the class doc, hopefully to be picked up by a dev at some point.

    Either way thanks for the link, I will post there.


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