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How to generate .vcxproj from .pro with object_parallel_to_source like behaviour

  • I have a project with multiple source files that have the same name but reside in differing folders. When using Makefiles "CONFIG+=object_parallel_to_source" ensures that there is no clash of the object files during compilation/linking. However, when building a .vcxproj file via "qmake -tp vc proj.pro" this option is not regarded. Rather, all object files are stored in the top directory of the binary output directory.

    This means I have to add the correct settings at least for each conflicting file and each setup (release/debug), which is already annoying when done once. However, as I am constantly adding new files (while developing under linux) and then ensuring compatibility to Windows/MSVC I have to do this step at least once per week.

    Is there another option to get qmake to generate the right paths in the .vcxproj file?
    I already tried "CONFIG-=flat", which only changed the filters (the way those files are listed inside Visual Studio's project explorer), but not where the output files are stored.

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