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QT Creator 2.0.0 and Perforce

  • I've just updated Qt Creator to 2.0.0 from 1.3.1 and I can no longer see 'Perforce' in the 'Tools' Menu. I updated by removing the previous version (1.3.1 from the Fedora repository) and then downloading and installing qt-creator-linux-x86-opensource-2.0.0.bin.

    If I select Tools->Options->Version Control then there is a Perforce tab and I can use the Test button to verify that it works ok.

    Selecting Help->About Plugins... shows that the Perfoce 2.0.0 plugin is loaded with a green tick next to it.

    The computer set-up is:

    Fedora13 - 32 bit

    qt 4.6.3 - From the Fedora repositories.

    I'm wondering if there is something hanging around from the previous installation.

    Anybody any ideas?


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    Creator 2.0 should only show those version control entries that are relevant for the current project. So the perforce entry should show up once you have a project open which is managed by perforce.

    Is that is not the case then you "should report a bug":

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