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[Solved]QImageWriter~initial bug

  • @void SQLite::addImage(QImage image, QStringList tags)
    QBuffer buffer;
    QImageWriter writer(&buffer,"PNG");

    QSqlQuery qry;
    int id;
    qry.prepare( "SELECT COUNT(*) FROM images" );
    id = qry.value(0).toInt() + 1;
    qry.prepare( "INSERT INTO images (id, data) VALUES (:id, :data)" );
    qry.bindValue( ":id", id );
    qry.bindValue( ":data", );
    foreach( QString tag, tags )
        addTag( id, tag );


    Qt Creator 2.0.1
    based on Qt 4.7.0(32bit)
    My os is micorsoft xp
    Is there some body can help me to shooting this bug. Thank you very much!

    ..\SqlDialog\sqlite.cpp: In member function 'void SQLite::addImage(QImage, QStringList)':

    ..\SqlDialog\sqlite.cpp:118: error: variable 'QImageWriter writer' has initializer but incomplete type

    ..\SqlDialog\sqlite.cpp: In member function 'QImage SQLite::getImage(int)':

    ..\SqlDialog\sqlite.cpp:151: error: variable 'QImageReader reader' has initializer but incomplete type

  • I'm just guessing but based on my experience with this gcc error messaged you might be missing some includes.

  • Yeah! I got it. Thanks!

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