Windows, ubuntu, opengl, and popup dialogs

  • Using Qt 5.1.0, qtcreator 2.8.1 on windows 7 64 bit and 2.7.2 on ubuntu 64 bit running on VirtualBox 4.2.10. Works fine on windows. Same code on ubuntu, popup dialogs are hidden behind my opengl windows. In Ubuntu, if I have maximized my opengl window (displaying an image), the only way to find the popup dialog is to minimize the opengl window. If my opengl window isn't maximized, when I move the popup dialog any portion that overlaps the opengl window is hidden.

    I would guess this has something to do with idle painting of the opengl window that is done differently on Ubuntu vs. Windows. But I have no clue.

    Any suggestions on how to insure that popup dialogs are "topmost" in their stacking order in both OS's?

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