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Using .tlb file in my project

  • Hello, everyone. I build a .tlb from my dll using "RegAsm" tool. Following is my part of code about dll.

    public interface IMyTIBusAdapters
    MyIAdapterResult MyI2C_Write(int adapter_num, byte addr, byte command, byte[] data);
    int MyDiscover();
    MyIReadblockResult MyI2C_Read(int adpater_num, byte addr, byte command, int len);
    MyIReadblockResult MyI2C_Read_Generic_No_Restart(int adpater_num, byte addr, int len);
    Then, I write Qt to call them like following
    .pro file
    QT += core gui axcontainer

    greaterThan(QT_MAJOR_VERSION, 4): QT += widgets

    TARGET = IBM300WDebugTool
    TEMPLATE = app

    SOURCES += main.cpp
    TYPELIBS += $$system(dumpcpp output TIforTLBinCSharpDLL.tlb)
    HEADERS += mainwindow.h

    FORMS += mainwindow.ui


    MyTIBusAdapters *myTIbus; = new MyTIBusAdapters;
    MyIAdapterResult *myTIWriteResult = new MyIAdapterResult();
    int TIBusAddress = myTIbus->MyDiscover();
    if(TIBusAddress == 0)
    QMessageBox::about(this,"Warning...","Can't find TI device, please check and restart application. ");
    myTIWriteResult = myTIbus->MyI2C_Write(TIBusAddress,(unsigned char)DeviceAddr[0],(unsigned
    ui->textEdit->append("Write Successful.");
    ui->textEdit->append("Write failed.");

    The problem is when I run on my computer, everything is OK.When I run on other computers, application could be open, but when I start following function, i would got unknown error, then my program is crashed.I found if I comment following program, this application also could work on different computers, I don't know what happen to this.

    //myTIWriteResult = myTIbus->MyI2C_Write(TIBusAddress,(unsigned char)DeviceAddr[0],(unsigned

    If I write program like follows, it still could run on other computers. but unfortunate, I need the response from follows.

    myTIbus->MyI2C_Write(TIBusAddress,(unsigned char)DeviceAddr[0],(unsigned char)Command[0],requestData);

    Does anyone know what's wrong?? Thanks in advance.

  • Hi, does anybody know??

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