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[SOLVED] QTabWidget->currentWidget() returns NULL

  • Hi!, I'm writing a text editor in qt (4.8.5) mainly for learning. I have QTextEdit widgets inside a QTabWidget. However when I go to access the QTextEdit using the currentWidget function it returns a NULL.

    A little snippet:
    _QWidget *current = maintab->currentWidget();
    if(current == NULL)
    qDebug() << "NULL";
    qDebug() << current->metaObject()->className();
    The output that I get is NULL where I'm expecting QTextEdit. I create the widget using:

    maintab->addTab(new QTextEdit(), "New File");

    What am I doing wrong??

  • The documentation says the following:

    bq. Returns a pointer to the page currently being displayed by the tab dialog. The tab dialog does its best to make sure that this value is never 0 (but if you try hard enough, it can be).[/quote]

    I guess you tried hard enough, congratulations.

    Did you actively switch to that current widget? Is the whole TabWidget visible including the tabbar and one if its widgets?

  • Never mind found the problem. I feel kinda silly.. I was trying to extract qtextedit in a function that is called before any new tabs are even made. Silly me.....

  • Two small things to add:

    1. There is a code-tag (last button for me) which would have made your code above a lot easier to read.

    2. It is good habit to edit the title of your threads and put a [Solved] in front once a problem is solved. Would be a lot easier to navigate in here if everybody did that.

    Happy coding! :)

  • Cool, I'll keep that in mind.

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