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Linux qt cross platform

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    Qt for Windows

    When compiling for this platform, the macro Q_WS_WIN is defined.

    Not documented here. Please contact Qt's technical support team if you have queries.

    im in linux and want to create 3 binarys 1 for windows 1 for mac and 1 for linux
    source is already cross platformed
    yet when i try to do win and mac i still only get linux binary
    i want to start by how do i create the windows exe?

  • Are you using a cross platform compiler like mingw? If your not, then you will have to bring the code onto a windows / mac system and recompile the code using the OS's native compiler to get your desired binary.

  • g++ im on linux your site says Qt is a cross-platform GUI toolkit
    the program works in linux i used qt im in qt creator i want it to do just that cross platform
    your saying no it cant that i have to cross the platform which means qt is not cross?

  • I am sorry if I didn't explain that well or if there was some confusion.

    The Qt libraries are cross platform including the QtCreator. If generic C++ and/or the Qt libraries are used in your code, or if compiler #ifdef's for the target operating systems are used, then your code should work on all systems.

    With that said, most compilers are NOT cross platform.

    For example, I write all of my code in the QtCreator, but when I build for MacOSX, I use the clang64 compiler, in windows I use MSVC2010/2012, and in linux I use g++/gcc.

    If you have your compiler setup correctly on all target systems, then you should be able to drag your project on your target OS, open it in the creator, and build.

    Thats why I brought up mingw. I do not know much about it because I have never used it, but it is a cross platform compiler.

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