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  • Hello All!
    My previous question was not answered, and I'll try to explain more clearly, and sory for my bad english.

    I develop application for embeded system (AM3517 processor based, EGLFS platform).

    I have very big QML scene (several dozen of Rectangle{} and Text{} items), and I need display little xy-plot in QML scene. This xy-plot should be updated very often (50 Hz). The trouble is that a QQuickWindow::update() function call is hard CPU-intensive. As I understand it, time of this function depends on how many nodes in scene graph.
    I tried to use rendering to FBO (, but this example use full update of scene (call m_window->update(); in TextureNode class). For simple QML scene is not significantly, but for my case is important.
    I tired to use Canvas{} element, but i need call Canvas::requestPaint() function for every frame, and this leads to call update() function too.

    Is there a way to update only a small area of ​​the screen, without an analysis of the entire scene graph?
    Is there a way to make the scene graph renderer does not run all over the scene graph by drawing a single pixel?
    maybe there is a workaround to update the small area in QML scene?

    My Qt version is 5.0.

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    This is best asked on interest "mailing list": Still no guarantee you'll get an answer, but it's a bit more probable. As an absolute last resort, use development ML.

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