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ListView Highlight Question

  • I have a ListView where the delegate has a light blue background with white text and the highlight is a darker blue. When the ListView is in active focus the highlight has a red border. I am having issues with the way the highlight is being shown. It is drawn behind the ListView's items, so the only way to actually see it is to set the opacity of the delegate background to a number less than 1. I want to know if it possible to put the highlight above the items background, but below the white text of my item. I tried making the item not visible when it is the current item, but this looks bad during animation. Is it possible to define the Z depth of the highlight or is there any other solution for this?


  • Hi,

    It's possible to put the highlight either above or below the delegate (by manipulating the z property), but unfortunately it isn't possible to put it "in the middle" (i.e. between layers within your delegate). This is due to the way z ordering currently works -- z is local between siblings, and the highlight is a sibling of the delegate. This use case is something we've discussed in the past, and hopefully we'll be able to provide a solution for a future release.


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