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Problem with xcb (Segmentation Fault)

  • when i launch my app sometimes i get this error:
    @The inferior stopped because it received a signal from the Operating System.

    Signal name :
    Signal meaning :
    Segmentation fault@

    i try to get the backtrace and this is the result:

    ~"#0 xcb_send_request (c=0x0, flags=0, vector=0xbfffe818, req=0xb5de3314) at ../../src/xcb_out.c:156\n"
    ~"#1 0xb5dd9177 in xcb_query_tree_unchecked (c=0x0, window=16778551) at xproto.c:3164\n"
    ~"#2 0xb3efd11d in ?? ()\n"
    ~"Backtrace stopped: previous frame inner to this frame (corrupt stack?)\n"

    other times the backtrace is :

    ~"#0 0xb762b682 in ?? ()\n"
    ~"#1 0x00000000 in ?? ()\n"

    i don't know which part of code i have to show to you..
    what could be the problem?

  • Is there some uninitialized values in your app, I think this link may help you.."click this":

  • the problem is that this error not appears always, sometimes the program run without errors

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