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[SOLVED] Recommended development devices for porting Qt app to Android

  • I have a Qt/C++ app that runs on Meego & BB10 and am thinking about porting it to Android to reach a bigger audience. It's a hobbiest project rather than a commercial app.

    Does anyone have any suggestions for a good device to use? Considerations for me are: cost / future proofing / CPU performance. What devices are other people using to port their Qt apps to Android? Nexus 4? One of the Samsung devices?

  • To reach a bigger audience it will be nice to test your app on as much Android devices as possible. Since you it is too expensive to buy a lot of devices I recommend you to buy a modern device and also to use "Samsung Remote Test Lab (RTL)":http://developer.samsung.com/remotetestlab/rtlDeviceList.action.

  • Interesting topic. Any advice for those who don't like using remote lab, about screen resolution ? Should it be safe to assume that apps working on device with smaller screen will work on bigger screens ?

  • [quote author="john_god" date="1380101148"]Should it be safe to assume that apps working on device with smaller screen will work on bigger screens ?[/quote]

    Depends on the app and it's design.

  • Thanks for the link to SRTL - great link.

    I've been a Maemo / Meego user for the last few years so the prospect of Android is a bit daunting.

    I was hoping to get a Nexus 4 so I could also try out Ubuntuphone, but the prices have recently gone UP on Ebay since they sold out on Google Play.

    My app uses Qt, C++, OpenGLES2 and Eigen so I'm looking for a touchphone with some minimum specs.

    I'm probably going to wait until the Nexus 5 is released as that will probably be the best cost / performance tradeoff. In the meantime I might just beg / borrow an old Android touchphone from someone and see what's possible.

  • I went for a 2012 Nexus 7 from ebay in the end.

    Cheap(ish) - and form factor half way in between phone and large tablet.

    Installation process very smooth - Qt/C++ and Qt Creator are my favourite environment for developing on mobile devices :O)

    I can now start to try and understand the quirks of OpenGL & Qt on Android! 8-)

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