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Automated testing problems

  • I'm working on building Qt 4.7.1 (on Mac and Linux) and I've dutifully downloaded qt-everywhere-opensource-src-4.7.1.tar.gz and built it according to instructions. I'd like to run the automated tests, so I cloned the git repository and grabbed the v4.7.1 version of the "tests" dir and plopped that into my qt-everywhere-src-4.7.1 dir. I've been given to understand that the automated testing works similar to the following:

    $ cd tests/auto
    $ qmake
    $ make
    $ make -k -j1 check TESTARGS="-xml -o testlib.xml"

    I had some trouble with the make step because everything was looking for QtTest libs, so I modified a mkspec to satisfy that, but I still have trouble when it gets to the last step, i.e. none of the make files seem to have "check" as a target.

    Am I missing something obvious, or otherwise confused?

    Any advice appreciated.


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