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Audio recording and sending through network

  • Hi,

    I am creating an app, where my task is sending audio signal (and video later) through network and play it real time. I started dealing with QtMultimedia modul, I tried AudioRecorder , AudioInput and AudioDevices examples to understand what are my options.

    I have understand that Using QAudioInput class, I am able to send sound in "audio/pcm" format easily through any udp/tcp stream. QAudioDeviceInfo::supportedCodecs() shows only this raw format, but my intention is to use codec (like speex) in order to optimise data sending.

    The other possibility is using QAudioRecorder which says ( QMediaRecorder::supportedAudioCodecs()) that it supports many codecs (speex,mpeg, vorbis), but I think it can only record sound to file (locally or remote).

    Is there any easy way of recording and sending sound through network real time using Qt and appropriate codecs? I don't really want to implement of using third-party API in my Qt project, unless it is easy or necessary.
    Can I use QAudioInput class with speex, or can I use QAudioRecorder by redirecting the data to a network stream somehow.

    Thank you for your time!

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