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How easy would it be to have QML files import relying on a custom virtual filesystem?

  • 0 A.D. is an open-source game which currently uses a custom XML-based implementation for its GUI. I’m wondering how hard it would be to port it to QML, as that would solve issues such as text rendering and give us a lot of features “for free”, while providing a nicer language for UI definition.

    As the game is meant to be highly moddable, it implements a custom virtual filesystem, so that you can write a mod that is mounted over the main game files, and your files overwrite those of the main game. This is what worries me, how difficult (if possible at all) would it be to get QML to work with this virtual filesystem instead of the local filesystem?

    I’ve read , which gave me hope until I got to the message about this feature being removed in Qt 5. Is there a replacement for this feature, or plans for one in the short term? And, if the answer is no, is there any other approach I could follow to achieve this?

  • Hi Gallaecio,

    I am working on a game program which is written in QML. I cannot answer your question very much, because i am not concentrated in game techniques. But my friend is developing the QML features in it and it works very nice. I am very sure that, switching to QML will be worthy.

    There are some free tutorials in Qt SDK for game programming. Please check it.


  • I’m sure it will be worthy, but unless I can get QML to work with the game’s built-in virtual filesystem, it’s a no go :(

    If it’s not possible nowadays, I can always revisit the QML rewrite idea sometime in the future, but it’s certainly something I look forward to.

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