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[Moved] Qt Creator not auto-focusing on newly-opened project

  • Hi -

    I just noticed that when I have one or more projects open, and I open a new project, Creator doesn't automatically "focus" on that project. In other words, I have to click on the little disk icon and manually change the project I want to build.

    This seems a little odd to me, but I'm just a beginner. Can someone explain the reasoning behind this, and whether this behavior can be altered?


  • Why should it "focus" on the new project? If I add projects, that could also be because I just want to look at some code but compile my project from "before".

    I think this is just a simple step, and as you now know it, shouldn't be a problem.

  • I think mzimmers has a point though. I think it would make sense that if you create a new project with QtCreator, you want to do something with that project. Looking at some code is what you do when you open an existing project, I'd say.

    Not a huge problem, but perhaps a minor usability issue.
    mzimmers: if you considder this a bug, please file a bug report in Jira.

  • Hi, Andre -

    I don't know that it qualifies as a bug, since some people (like Gerolf) seem to prefer it this way. I wouldn't object, however, to a preferences option to have this done automatically. I'm new here; how does one suggest enhancements?

  • You suggest enhancements by filing an issue at "Jira": :-)
    Qt Creator devs will decide if they think it is a bug, a missing feature or intended behaviour. Don't be afraid to voice your ideas. If you want to check them before submitting them, I would suggest dropping in on the freenet IRC network, channel qt-creator and ask there.

  • What is Jira? I found this place:

    "bugreports":, are you suggesting I enter this with the "report a bug" feature?

    EDIT: OK, I got it figured out...thanks for the help.

  • That's exactly it. Sorry for not being more clear on what Jira is. I have already spotted "your issue":

  • Jira is the bug tracker software. It's often used as a synonym for the website itself.

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