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[Solved] QML Slot not executed by C++ Signal

  • Hello,

    i have a main programm that loads QPlugins (dlls). These plugins do some qmlRegisterType witch i can use in the qml file. I have the problem that signals are emited from the plugin are not executing the slot in qml. But when i call a function from qml and the function emit the signal, the slot ist executed.

    Here some sourceparts:

    Mainprogramm that loads the plugins;
    @ QString pluginpath = QDir::toNativeSeparators(QDir::cleanPath(Settings::get("Plugin.Path").toString()));
    QVariantList plugins = Settings::get("Plugin.Plugins").toList();
    foreach(QVariant plugin, plugins)
    QString path = pluginpath;
    m_PluginManager->load(path); // When the dll is loading the classes are registered by calling qmlRegisterType

    m_PluginManager->startAll(); <-- does actual nothing
    QQmlEngine engine;

    // Load the qml file
    QQmlComponent component(&engine, m_sConfigDir + __CONFIG_SUB_FOLDER + "/" + __SCRIPT_NAME);
    QObject *obj = component.create();
    if (obj) {
    } else {
    qDebug() << component.errors();

    The Class that is registered by qmlRegisterType<Timer>("Demo", 1, 0, "Timer");
    @#ifndef TIMER_H
    #define TIMER_H

    #include <QObject>

    class QTimer;

    class Timer : public QObject
    Q_PROPERTY( int interval READ interval WRITE setInterval NOTIFY intervalChanged )
    Q_PROPERTY( bool active READ isActive NOTIFY activeChanged )

    explicit Timer( QObject* parent = 0 );

    void setInterval( int msec );
    int interval();
    bool isActive();
    Q_INVOKABLE int randomInterval( int min, int max ) const;

    public slots:
    void start();
    void stop();

    private slots:
    void ttimeout();

    void timeout();

    void intervalChanged();
    void activeChanged();

    QTimer* m_timer;

    #endif // TIMER_H

    @#include "Timer.h"

    #include <QDebug>
    #include <QTimer>

    Timer::Timer( QObject* parent )
    : QObject( parent ),
    m_timer( new QTimer( this ) )
    connect( m_timer, SIGNAL( timeout() ), this, SLOT( ttimeout() ) );

    void Timer::setInterval( int msec )
    if ( m_timer->interval() == msec )
    m_timer->setInterval( msec );
    emit intervalChanged();

    int Timer::interval()
    return m_timer->interval();

    bool Timer::isActive()
    return m_timer->isActive();

    int Timer::randomInterval( int min, int max ) const
    int range = max - min;
    int msec = min + qrand() % range;
    qDebug() << "Random interval =" << msec << "msecs";
    return msec;

    void Timer::start()
    if ( m_timer->isActive() )
    emit activeChanged(); //This signal is fired because the function is called from the qml file

    void Timer::stop()
    if ( !m_timer->isActive() )
    emit activeChanged();

    void Timer::ttimeout()
    emit timeout(); // This signal is not fired because it is called from the c++ programm (timer timeout)

    The qml File:
    import QtQuick 2.0
    import Demo 1.0

    Timer {
    id: timer
    interval: timer.randomInterval(500, 5000)
    onActiveChanged: {
    onIntervalChanged: {
    console.log("IntervalChanged: " + interval)
    onTimeout: {
    console.log("Timer fired!")
    console.log("Hello from Script")
    if ( == false) {
    console.log("Timer started")
    } else {
    console.log("Timer stopped")

    The Output:

    @Random intervall = 4437 msecs
    IntervalChanged: 4437
    Hello from Script
    Timer started

    In debug mode the slot ttimeout is executed.

    I hope anyone has a suggestion

  • I found out that the problem has something todo with the qtservice. When i load the Plugins without QtService then all slots will be execute.

  • I found a solution. I loaded the plugins and the start the qml in the start method (virtual method from QtService). When i load the plugins and the qml file in the executeApplication method all works fine.

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