Qt Creator debugging problem

  • Hi,

    I have an application that uses two threads, one for the UI and another for background work. I set a breakpoint in the second thread and when the debugger breaks then I'm unable to step or evaluate variables until I double click thread two in the "Thread" tab. After that I can step but then I see the message "Thread 1 selected" and I'm unable to evaluate variables or step until I double click thread number two again. In order to keep stepping through my program I must double click thread two between every step.

    Could there be something that I don't have setup properly, or is this a bug in Qt Creator?

  • Could you please file a "bug report":http://bugreports.qt.nokia.com/ and include the complete debugger log (normally in the top right part of the debugger mode). Some information on versions used (Qt Creator/Qt) and the environment (OS, compiler and debugger used, etc.) would help, too.


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