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Need QT5.1.1 for Windows 32bit, VS2012 + OpenGL

  • There are 3 other VS2012 downloads, but not 32 bit with openGL. Is there a reason it can't be done? Is it because Windows 8 and VS2012 are linked and W8 has dropped openGL support?

    We build for linux and mac and windows, but the windows build has to be for x86 32bit to support for backward customers, i mean backward compatibility.

    chris p.

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    It can be done. It's just that the build infrastructure is under a heavy load in any case. Digia is only building packages that are most useful to people. You can compile Qt yourself in the specified configuration and it will work.

  • Hi!

    In the Qt Enterprise you can find a 32bits Opengl Kit.

    Kind Regards.

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