Problem in running audio output example on ubuntu 12.04 qt-creator

  • I am on ubuntu 12.04, qtsdk for Desktop

    When I try to open and copy the audio output example project in qt-creator, the following message is flashed

    *Cannot copy project *-

    Could not copy file '//boot/' to '/home/naveen/Qtp/audiooutput/boot/'.

    */home/naveen/Qtp/ * is the directory where I am trying to copy the project

    What is the reason and remedy for this? Any problem with the Qt installation?

    Infact, this happens with all the audio related examples. many other examples are run properly.

    Funnily, the system's /bin and /boot are copied to /home/naveen/Qtp/audiooutput/ directory

    Thanks in advance

    Naveen C K

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