QMouseMoveEvent does not capture all points

  • I am trying to draw a line with QPainter on a QPixmap inside mouseMoveEvent of QLabel
    it works fine when I slowly move the mouse over the label but it draws a zigzag line when i quickly move the mouse. It seems that there is large distance between each pair of two points and the QMouseMoveEvent.pos() functions does not return continuous points.
    How to draw a smooth line on QPixmap?

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    this isn't possible in an event-based system, since you run in an event-loop.
    Did you try in Debug mode? At least in release mode you should receive a better result.

  • I do not use Qt Creator, I am using eclipse, so there is no release or Debug mode.
    I need a solution for this problem, is there any other way to achieve this task, that is to capture all pixels' position under the mouse when the mouse is moved quickly?

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