Help understanding Qthread, Pyside

  • i am trying to understand how to do a Qthread and i have this skeletal code. my main objective is to not let the GUI "hang" while the backend is doing some database stuff and at the same time updating a table widget in the GUI. background: Doing this on Windows OS. Pyside as the GUI. (I also tried Python threading, but everytime my application crashes)

    @class GenericThread(QtCore.QThread):
    def init(self, function, *args, **kwargs):
    self.function = function
    self.args = args
    self.kwargs = kwargs

    def __del__(self):
    def run(self):

    clas myMainGUI(...)
    def add(self):
    for myfiles in os.listdir(..): <--- intensive process, lots of files
    column headers = [ .... ]
    result = select_data_from_file(myfiles) <----- database file processing
    self.insert_table_widget ( column headers, result ) <--want to insert to widge in "realtime" and do other stuff without GUI getting "hang"
    self.mythread.emit() <-- ??

     def coolie(self): # some button will call this function.
         if buttonclick == "add": 
            self.mythread = GenericThread(self.add)
            self.mythread.disconnect() <------??
            self.mythread.connect()  <------ ??
            self.mythread.start() @

    any idea how should my emit(), connect() or disconnect() be? thanks

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