How to open QPrinter device for RAW writes on Win7

  • I am working with Qt 5.1.1 on an application that will print to a connected USB Point-Of-Sale (POS) printer.

    This printer only understands ASCII with embedded Escape sequences for font control.

    Using QPrinterInfo::availablePrinters, I see my receipt printer displayed, however QPrinterInfo::location returns an empty QString (also returns empty description and makeAndModel). All printers on my system only report printerName.

    I would like to do ASCII writes directly to the printer. My question is, can I open a QFile with the printer devicename? How would I determine the proper devicename at runtime? My search has not resulted in any useful information.

    The Win7 device manager reports the receipt printer as "USB001", however if I try to QFile::open the file path "\.\USB001" or "\\.\USB001" I get an error.

    What would be the proper method to write ASCII data to the USB printer?

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