[SOLVED]Some times Qt Creator doesn't show the latest changes when building - Qt5 - Mac and Windows

  • Hi,

    Quick question. I have been noticing that sometimes QT Creator doesn't show the latest changes when building. In other words if I create a program build it and then later on I make some more changes and build it again, sometimes it doesn't show the latest changes until I delete the build folder.

    Is this a normal behavior, do I need to keep deleting the previous build folder every time I build my program? I don't recall having this problem with previous versions (Qt4).

    Is there an option in Qt Creator so that it deletes previous builds every time the run button is pressed?

    This issue only happens with code changes, GUI changes seem to be refreshing properly. Also, no errors are generated it just gives an old output, even simple qDebug messages. I'm running Qt5 and the issues happens in both in a Mac and in a Windows machine.


  • This could depend on the kind of changes you make. If you add a QOBJECT macro to a class or add/change a resource, you must run qmake (from the build menu) afterwards and before compiling.

  • Thanks a lot for your suggestions.

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