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QFileSystemModel + QTreeView with UNC path on Windows problem

  • I can't get my QTreeView to show the filesystem in a shared folder using an UNC path. Non-UNC paths are no problem.

    The following code is from my QTreeView subclass (I have not reimplemented any protected functions).

    QDir dir = QDir("//vmware-host/Shared Folders/Downloads");
    qDebug() << "setting root path to " << dir.canonicalPath();

    QFile f(dir.absoluteFilePath("testfile.txt"));;
    f.write("testing testing");

    QModelIndex index = m_model.setRootPath(dir.canonicalPath()); // m_model is a QFileSystemModel

    qDebug() << "Model root path:" << m_model.rootPath();
    qDebug() << "TreeView root index: " << rootIndex();

    The test file created by QFile does get created, no problems there. The program prints the following output:

    setting root path to "//vmware-host/Shared Folders/Downloads"
    Model root path: "//vmware-host/Shared Folders/Downloads"
    TreeView root index: QModelIndex(-1,-1,0x0,QObject(0x0) )

    Note that the root index obtained from the view is invalid.

    I've had a look at QFilesystemModel, and it at least mentions UNC paths, even though I haven't read and understand the code.

    I'd appreciate any help on getting UNC paths working! Thanks in advance.

  • I have the same problem.
    It seems that QFileSystemModel is only made for local drives.

    Did you find any solution for the problem?

  • (sorry for the late answer)

    No, I never did, unfortunately. I'm still interested in a solution, but I don't have time to read and understand, let alone fix, the source right now.

  • Is there anybody know answer ?

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