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I have a big problem with opencv

  • I know the title is a little funny :)

    I want to use opencv with Qt

    When I build a project , qt platform say undefined reference to 'a funtion that use in opencv'

    Actually, I think the most important point of the problem is that I don't know how I should use the libraries and dll files of opencv. In addition to this , I don't know contents of the libraries (which library contents which functions)

    So is there a guide to learn which functions are in which library

    I know I can search this from the web but I thought , this way is shorter than searching from the web

    Thanks for replies

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    The fastest way to search for an OpenCV function, is the "OpenCV documentation ":

    As for your undefined references, you need to link to the OpenCV libraries, if you're on a *nix platform, you can use pkgconfig. Otherwise, there have been several thread on the subject for windows, a little search on this forum should provide you what you need.

  • thanks for this suggestion

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