FontLoader on Symbian platform

  • Hi - I am having problems to load a custom font on Symbian^3^ platform (Qt 4.7.1), I cannot make FontLoader work on Symbian^3^.

    //load the custom font
    FontLoader { id: customFont; name:"custom"; source: "templates/custom_font.ttf" }
    //set the font for different components

    However, if I build the app for PC or the Simulator, the UI will show the custom font, but if I build it for Symbian, it shows the default font.

    Does anyone know if this is a known problem?


    [EDIT: code formatting, Volker]

  • I am not entirely sure but i think symbian only has 1 font. So no matter what font you ask for you get the default one.

  • Does this mean that I cannot load fonts externally for symbian platform? According to the documentation,, there is no mention to any platform related restrictions in the use of FontLoader ...

  • Hi,

    Yes, FontLoader not working on Symbian is a known issue. The core bug (as far as I understand) is; once this is fixed, FontLoader on Symbian should work fine.


  • All right, thanks for the clarification

  • Hello. Is this problem still not fixed? I use the latest version of qt and QML and on the simulator fontloader works just fine to load custom fonts but on my symbian^3 device it does not work at all. I've googled around and tried some "solutions" but most of them are a couple of years old (and supposedly, according to the threads, it is supposed to be fixed now) and I can't get them to work either.

    What is the best way to use custom fonts on symbian using qt and qml right now? How long before fontloader works? Will it ever work? There should be some mentioning about this in the APIs.

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