QString to std:string crash using 3rd party library [Solved]

  • Hi all. I'm having a funky problem that I don't seem to be able to solve. I'm calling a 3rd party library method with the following signature:

    @unsigned char libxbee::Con::Tx(std::string data);@

    Calling the method with a string literal poses no problem:

    @connection->Tx("Hi there!");@

    But since I'm composing a string with values from a database, It surely makes sense to use QString and then convert to std::string:

    @std::string str = message.toStdString();

    However, this makes the 3rd party library code die because of an exception. Printing out the std::str string above shows no trouble at all.

    I've tried all sorts of combinations - direct initialization, constructing the std::string from String::toLocal8Bit().data() and other combinations that makes sense to me - but same result.

    Why does a literal work and not the QString::toStdString() conversion (or other flavors)? Any workarounds? Suggestions? Please?

  • Have you got the problems only with composed strings from the database?
    What happens if you try the same simple string here?

    @QString message = QString("Hi there!");
    std::string str = message.toStdString();

    Can you use a std::string on its own? (= passing a string instead of ASCII literal)

    @std:string str = std::string("Hi there!");

  • Edit: Was a bit too quick on the keyboard.

    Using a std::string argument works just fine.

    However, you nailed it with the database content! If I supply a simple "Hi there" QString, the conversion works just as expected.

    But - I still don't understand why it fails. My initial suspicion was UTF-8 encoding, but transforming the QString with toLatin1() or toLocal8Bit() doesn't help.

  • I remember boost::filesystem::file_size having problems and crashing on a Mac. I used .toStdWString() then.
    Maybe if you enter your database string by hand instead of "Hi there!", like

    @QString message = QString("YOURDATABASECONTENT");
    std::string str = message.toStdString();

    I bet it's some "special" character (conversion) or string length. Maybe you can track down the bad character and conclude from there which conversion would be best.

  • Sorry for not getting back earlier.

    I think I have solved the problem - I believe it was related to the state of the unit I was trying to communicate with (needed a reset), combined with the length of the string (the unit buffer is limited). Nothing wrong with the string conversion as suspected at first.

    Thanks for your inputs!

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