How to make Qt Linquist find the source code files?

  • So my ts files are at appname/data/translations and the source files are at appname/src
    everytime i open any of the ts files a get
    @Source code not available@
    under sources and forms

    in order to make linquist understand were source files are i must run lupdate as
    @lupdate [options] [source-file|path]... -ts ts-files@
    so i run
    @lupdate src -ts data/translations/appname-el.ts
    but still same error..

  • Hi,
    Add the translation source files to your project file (with the proper relative or absolute path) and run QtLinquist again.
    Or first place your language files in the same place in your project file and run it then. When that works, move the language files and add the path in the pro file.
    That was my mistake before I got it to work.

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