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Probably a really simple Phonon question with gstreamer backend and kmix volume control

  • This is a screenshot of my program I've written and KMIX:

    As you can see, it's a pretty nice pyqt program and everything works very well
    in opensuse. However, when I switch into kubuntu I run into a problem that you
    can see: in kmix, it shows TWO audio outputs for my program. The slider works
    the second one....which means it has very little control over the actual
    volume. If I keep playing around with kmix, I can usually get it to switch focus to the correct volume control.

    The actual code snippet is:

    def item_clicked(self):
        row = self.listWidget.currentRow()
        song = musiclist[row]
        self.mediaObject = Phonon.createPlayer(Phonon.MusicCategory)
        self.audioOutput = Phonon.AudioOutput(Phonon.MusicCategory, self)
        Phonon.createPath(self.mediaObject, self.audioOutput)

    I don't know why you would, but If you want the whole program, you can find the
    source you can install with python install here....along with many

    You can find the deb here:

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