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'Repeater' not displaying the data from its DataModel in fetched sequence

  • Hello,

    While working with Qt5.0.2, we are encountering a strange issue of 'Repeater' not displaying the data from its DataModel in given sequence. Below is the DataModel of the repeater that should be shown in qml page.

    EmpId Name PhotoFileName Designation
    1475622 Edwina 1475622.png Wing Head
    1475623 Mounica 1475623.png Developer
    1475624 Prem 1475624.png Designer
    1475625 Christopher 1475625.png Documenter
    1475626 Akshara 1475626.png Tester

    Expected display: First element MUST be WingHead. Rest all employees should follow wing head.

    In spite of fetching the data properly i.e. WingHead details as first row (using order by clause in select SQL statement from DB), the display is not in accordance with fetched data. The order (sequence) of display is changing randomly and I do not comprehend the reason behind it.

    Please guide me how to have the required display sequence for repeater data model all the time


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