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QUrl grief

  • I'm having some trouble with Qurls and QNetworkAccessManager::Get. Trouble is when I'm trying to get a complicated url like this: (ignore the spaces)

    " 211234% 21http% 2dget% 3a% 2a% 3aimage% 2fjpeg% 3a% 2a% 21% 21% 21% 21% 21"

    If I created the Qurl as:

    @QUrl MyUrl(" 211234% 21http% 2dget% 3a% 2a% 3aimage% 2fjpeg% 3a% 2a% 21% 21% 21% 21% 21"); @

    When I use the get method qt changes all the % signs to % 25 so I'll get things like
    @.JPG?% 25211234% 2521http...@
    Which the server doesn't understand and the get fails.

    Using this code:

    @QByteArray urltemp=QUrl::toPercentEncoding(IncomingUrl.toUtf8());

    Seems to have a correctly formatted url but the reply returns QNetworkReply::ProtocolUnknownError (301). If I put a simple URL through the above code it still looks correct, but I get the same error. Removing the above code and directly getting a simple url works.

    How can I fix this error?

    Edit: I am trying to show the urls with precent encoding. How do I post something with (percent sign)(Hex code) and not have the forum post look all messed up? For now I just put a space after each percent sign.

  • Hi,

    I should use QUrlQuery class

    QUrl url("http://my-url");

    QUrlQuery query;


    Or you can also use a lot of other useful methods of the QUrlQuery class to create you url with arguments...

  • Found that sending ->Get the non percent encoded form works just fine.

    @QByteArray UrlTemp(IncomingUrl.toUtf8());
    IncomingUrl = QUrl::fromPercentEncoding(UrlTemp);
    QUrl url(IncomingUrl);@

    Worked for me.

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