Playing MP4 and FLV with QMediaPlayer

  • Good day everyone!

    background info
    All machines mentioned below are Win 7 Pro
    Using Qt 5.0.2

    I am trying to do as the title says, I am using the QMediaPlayer and QVideoWidget to try and play video.

    Here is the code:
    //should be noted that mp4 are encoded with h264
    QUrl filename = QUrl::fromLocalFile("sampleFile.mp4");
    QMediaPlayer *mMediaPlayer = new QMediaPlayer();
    QVideoWidget *mVideoWidget = new QVideoWidget(this);

    this->setCentralWidget(mVideoWidget); //where this is the mainwindow


    qDebug() << "Player error state -> " << mMediaPlayer->error(); //this says no error
    qDebug() << "Media supported state -> " << QMediaPlayer::hasSupport("video/mp4"); // this gives a "1"


    The trick is this, I can put this on several different machines -- all are Windows 7 Pro:
    1.) machine 1 -- development box, can play some mp4s but not others (all h264)
    2.) machine 2 -- personal household box, will play the sampleFile mp4 sometimes
    3.) machine 3 -- COMPLETELY clean windows 7 pro install, aside from the code above, has nothing installed on it, NEVER plays the mp4.

    All 3 machines can play the sampleFile.mp4 in Windows Media Player.

    As a final note, none of these will play FLV either.

    Pointers anyone? What am I missing here?

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