QVideoWidget->setBrightness do nothing

  • Hello,

    I'm developing a software to capture camera.

    My problem is that if i want to change brightness (or other of my camera) nothing change and the brightness stay in 0.

    viewfinder = new QVideoWidget();
    camera = new QCamera(listaCamaras.at(equipo->currentIndex()),this);

    For test i use a webcam Hercules classic silver.

    Thanks for the help

  • When i test my webcam with the example of QCamera of Qt i cannot access to take photos or save video and change exposure do nothing.

    Maybe the problem is more from the camera ?

    And the status of camera is alltime : UnavailableStatus- even the state is ActiveState

  • I buy a video Grabber USB (ENMVG-3) and i have more problem now.

    Each i want to delete the QCamera i obtain a crash. i Tried to use the library OpenCV but when i connect the grabber USB e}and launch the program i obtain e BSOD.

    Exist other solutions for capture video, take photos, and record it ?

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