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[SOLVED] Shared Libraries and Installation Framework

  • Hi,

    So I'm trying to use the Qt IFW to make an installer for Linux. I have all the shared libraries (, etc) packaged with my application, however I'm having troubles loading them.

    Apparently Ubuntu has made it so that the LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable isn't used anymore, and instead, you have to add your lib directory to /etc/ This is where my problem is. In my installation script, I have the following function connected to the installer's "installationFinished".

    @installLibs = function() {
    if (!component.installed)
    component.addOperation( "AppendFile",

        component.addOperation( "Execute",


    This should work, but the problem is that I don't think it's being executed as root. I tried each step on the installer manually with

    @sudo ./installer --runoperation "AppendFile" "/etc/" "/example/libs"@

    And that works, so I think it's a permissions issue.

    In fact, when I run the installer and point it to /etc/local as the install directory, it creates the gksudo popup to get permissions, but it still doesn't create or append the file. Can anyone think of a way to get this executed as root?

  • I suggest to make a static build because it's the recommended deployment method for IFW ("readmore...":

    Any way, if you insist to deploy in shared form you can take a look into:

  • That second link was very helpful. I ended up using the launcher script that sets up the lib path. Thanks mbnoimi :)

  • You welcome.

    May you please edit the title of this thread to [SOLVED]?

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