Which version do I download?

  • I have not used Qt for a while and want to get back into it. I have Qt 4.7 installed. I was thinking of updating to Qt 5.1, but am unsure which file to download. I want the basic desktop, but would also like to have a play at developing for Android mobile phones. In my case do I use
    Qt Online Installer for Linux 32-bit (22 MB) (Info)
    Qt 5.1.1 for Android (Linux 32-bit, 461 MB) (Info)
    or both.
    Sorry if I misunderstand what these alternatives really mean, but I dont want to download stuff I do not really need.

    I'm guessing that the first option is really what I need?

  • If you want to target Android, you need to download the android package. If you want to target the desktop, you need the other one.

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    Online installer lists all available packages so you can go with that one and select the packages for your target platforms from it.

  • Thank you for your replies.

    Ok, so if I want to build an android application under Linux then I would need to download the
    Qt 5.1.1 for Android (Linux 32-bit, 461 MB) (Info)
    If that is the case I will probably continue using Qt4.7 for my desktop applications.
    Thanks again

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