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[SOLVED] Changes in .ui files not compiled by Qt Creator

  • I'm using Qt Creator 2.7 with Qt 5.1.

    I was working with a .ui file which I renamed and replaced an older .ui file. Now no matter what I do I still don't get the up-to-date changes to my .ui file in the application I'm running.

    I've tried cleaning, removing and adding the file, made sure it's in the FORMS part, even manually deleting the "debug" folder into which the whole thing is being compiled, as well as the ui_.h file. I still don't get my changes.

    This is pretty frustrating. What should I do?

  • Found it. Apparently the ui_h file was actually generated in the source code directory and not only in the shadow build folder.

  • Hello
    Currently I have the same problem. In the case, the shadowbuild is disabled everything works fine. But I'm working with several releases and therefore i need the shadow builds. What have you done exactly that the ui_h file will be generated only in the shadow build folder?

  • I honestly don't remember now. Did you make sure you remove any of the generated files that end up in the source code folder's? I think that for me, the problem was an overlooked file that was in that folder and I had to delete manually.

  • The problem began after I've rearranged my project folders and propably I have to check all paths. Thanks for your answer.

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