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Propagating QGraphicsVIew rubber band selection (data) to the QGraphicsItems

  • As the title suggests I am trying to extend the QGraphicsView rubber band selection mechanism but without much luck. What I am trying to achieve is to propagate the selection (bounding box, etc.) to the graphics items that are being selected.

    The reason to this is that I have created a point cloud graphics item that displays a whole bunch of points and I would like to propagate the selection area to this item so that it can manage the selection of individual points in its own way. Due to the sheer size of the point cloud representing each point as a graphics item is out of the question.

    I have been scouring through the documentation as well as brief intermissions inside the source code but without luck. As far as I can tell there is no obvious means to do this. But there should be some reasonable solution to this? Or do I need to roll out my own rubber band selection functionality?


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