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  • hi, everybody
    I am a student on "Information Technology and Computer Networks" on University of Science and Technology "UST", Yemen
    I doing my graduation project about " modern computer networks design", it's all about

    • Collecting and analyzing customer's network requirements.
    • Design a suitable netwok topologies.
    • Design a model for Naming and Addressing.
    • Choosing the routing and switching potocols.

    Is this a multi-agent system or not? if yes what is the suitable tool to do it.

    thanks, Sarah

    [EDIT: list formatting, volker]

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    I do not understand your question. How do multi-agent systems relate to network topologies?

  • Is this Qt related at all?

  • no. i meant my project idea all about those operations,
    so can i design them as software agents, so at a whole the project will be a multi-agent system?

  • Let me repeat Volker's question: is this Qt related?

    Edit: is this thread related somehow to "this one":, or is it a coincidence that two threads on multi agent systems are started on the same day?

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    You want to do a graduation project on network design, so much I understood. Such a project could be all kinds of things, e.g. a paper summing up current research in the area of network design or some case study with some suggestions on how to improve specific networks (in a company, on campus, etc.) or maybe even a application featuring artificial intelligence to come up with a optimal network structure when presented with some input or anything in between.

    The first two are definitely no multi-agent systems, the third one might be. So what do you want to do?

    Since you are asking in a Qt forum I assume you want to program something using Qt as part of the project. That could range from e.g. a note-taking application to help gather requirements to that AI system mentioned earlier.

  • This is also similar question here : "MAS":

  • Hello Sarah,

    I've just saw your message, if you're under a distributed environment you can employ a MAS-based architecture in order to define agents roles and tasks and thus define the agent organization and interactions.

    There are many methodologies (Ingenias, ALAADIN, Gaia, Adelfe, among others) that could be useful to define each aspect of the MAS.

    Nevertheless I think that Qt cannot be the best option to deploy all the MAS. However you can take Java as basis language and JADE or JADEX as MAS Java framework and thus define some JNI classes to connect Qt with Java and profit the best part of both worlds.


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